World backup day

I recently had two friends whose hard disks gave up on them, coincidentally within the space of a single week. Of course, the usual scenarios bear out: “I had a backup, but it’s 3 years old”, or “I was just going to do it tomorrow”, or “But I had a RAID system, and I didn’t know what all those warning stuff was on my front panel”, or “I wanted to reformat one of my backups, and the other died just after I formatted the former”, and so on.

This is a scenario that we’ve seen all so often and, God forbid, I hope it never happens to you. But that is something that we know we cannot count on, regardless of whether you’re technically inclined or not.

Hence, when I saw this, I felt that it’s truly a step in the right direction: World Backup Day

The date chosen is meaningful – It’s March 31, one day before April Fool’s Day.


So here’s to all those who have been saying “I’ll do that backup tomorrow, my drive won’t fail on me and my precious data is still safe, at least for today”.

Don’t be the joke on April Fool’s Day, or any other day for that matter :)