Vim 7.4 beta is released

From the official Vim website:

Vim 7.4a BETA has been made available. Since 7.3 more than a thousand improvements have been made. Many people already tried out recent versions and sent bug reports and fixes. Thus it should already be stable enough for daily use. But let’s do some testing before calling it 7.4. You can read the announcement here. (Bram Moolenaar)

It’s interesting because I’ve been using the stable release of Vim for a long time, which is Vim 7.3, and apparently my colleague just highlighted that is includes a puny number of patches, something in the order of 43 or 47 patches. Now this is appalling because Vim 7.3 has more than 950 patches, according to, and if you check out of the latest snapshot from the source repository, there are more than 1,000 patches.

By the way, I’m talking about the Windows version of Vim and gVim.

These patches are not trivial. In sum, they make the entire experience much better. I’m surprised that there wasn’t a newer, intermediate release of Vim 7.3 that moved these patches into the download package.

Key point here is that Vim 7.4a beta puts these patches into the download, so you should really grab it. Right now, the links are here:

Vim 7.4a GUI version

Vim 7.4a GUI version with OLE

Vim 7.4a console version

Vim 7.4a sources