Easier encrypted mail in Gmail

It’s 2013, as I’m writing this post, and not until recently did I discover a decent way to handle encrypted (i.e. PGP/GPG) email in our modern webmail interfaces. Personally, I’m talking about GMail, but not just that. So many different web-based mail clients have sprung up, and the web has improved so much that using a web-based client is hardly any different from a desktop client experience, and in fact if you’d indulge me, in many ways in can be superior, especially for use-anywhere-and-everywhere applications like, well, email.

So anyway I just wanted to write about a recent discovery of mine. Basically, the Chrome browser plugin Mailvelope. From the Mailvelope folks themselves:

Mailvelope is a browser extension that allows to exchange encrypted emails following the OpenPGP encryption standard.

Now I find that just awesome, not just because they allow you to send and read encrypted mail right in your favourite web mail client like GMail, but they have the user experience very pleasant.

So here’s how it looks like. I’m going to send an encrypted mail to myself and receive it, so that’s the context.





So yea, just thought I’d share this “discovery” for those who haven’t found something along these lines.